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25th Jun, 2010


(no subject)

I have noooo idea what I am doing :P

8th Aug, 2009



Ok so I am now at Netley woo me! lol.
On the road for four hours in a stuffy van is NOT NICE! i mean would it hurt to have a window open...ok so maybe one was but that wasn't enough i felt like i was melting i think I have only recently cooled down lol.

The room is smaller then the previous one sucks I tell you, oh and would it hurt for people to clean the kettle!!!!! EWWWWWWWWW limescale bits EVERYWHERE!!!!! i had to clean it!! and its still not right.  Enough to make a drink but I'm gonna talk to the cleaning people in the morning and get them to do SOMETHING!!! they are there to CLEAN so why don't they???? yuck you should of seen my face it was not a pretty site and Of course people weresaying oh it wont hurt you lol which ok maybe it wont but that doesnt mean I want to see it or drink out of it! so I being me cleaned it out but if they don't do anything i will go to the shop and get some limescae remover lmao.

My bed wasn't made....his was but come on just coz my bed is the carer bed don't mean it can't be made!!! BUT i did have to add two duvets to under the bottom sheet to get rid of the springs lol AND the bed is electrc so thats cool.

7th Aug, 2009


Weirdness abounds

Well I'm going to TRY and post more but I'm not good at writing alot on whats happening unless I happen to be ranting XD

Well I could go in to my lifes story and recent events but that would probably take more time then I have so maybe I'll just post when things happen.

Well I go away tomorrow with work for a whole week sound nice?? not really I work with a disabled person which is fine he's my best-friend but when your going to be the main carer for a week best-friend or not this could get ugly lol last time we argued not alot but we had those few times mostly when it was late at night and he was being a pain and taking forever to get comfortable and i was ratty i get that way when I am tired mind you this was at like two in the morning who can blame me.

So wish me luck.
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15th Apr, 2008



Ok so i've decided to post on here more,

My life is kinda crazy right now everything is upside down and back to front hopefully it will get better soon lol,

Today i went with my sister to get her hair cut YAY! lol also i went to work til 1:30 i am now just randomly browsing sites while reading a firefly fanfic, this post is slightly lame and short but hopefully there'll get longer lol


29th Mar, 2008



Which NCIS character are you? (You Have To Know!)
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23rd Jun, 2007



Ok so alot of stuff i suppose has happened since march,
well first I joined some HP forum sites, YAY ME, and now i have my own site its a proboards site and its HP related the link is http://magiccrest.proboards58.com

I'm going to ORLANDO...in 2010 lol for the final prophecy reunion (its the first forum site i joined) i've made some lovely friends who are as mad about HP as me so wooot!

I have also created another HP story which is very popular...my sister says its because i used a beta BEFORE posting hehe, well here are all my stories as i dont think i've posted them

i have currently got four stories going.

Title: Founders! Us!
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3235412/1/
Genre: Action/Adventure
Summary: The trio plus Ginny find themselves in the past only to realise that they are the founders of Hogwarts. Almost AU.
Pairings: H/G R/HG
Rating: T
Status: In Progress and being beta'd

Title: Past Reinvented
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3236754/1/
Genre: action/Adventure
Summary: Harry gets the chance to save everyone he lost in the second war along with everyone else
Rating: T (change may occur)
Status: In prgress (being rewritten)

Title: A Second Chance
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3374777/1/
Genre: Action/Adventure
Summary: Post OOTP, Sirius Finds himself back in his sixth year thanks to misty beings from behind the veil rated for language
Rating: T
Status: In Progress

Title: Primal Fear
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3575251/1/
genre: Action/Adventure
Summary: A powerful child ignorant of the power he holds, how could he be blamed for power infused accidental magic? According to the minister HE can. Find out what happens when a 5 year old Harry Potter is thrown in Azkaban.
Rating: K+
Status: In Progress

Reviews are more then welcome, there inspiration lol
Hope you like

My sister m_wendy_r is a HUGE Law and Order: Criminal intent fan and has a bunch of stories so i'm just gonna give you the link to her profile,


So thats all i can think of at the mo and Hopefully i'll post more often and actually have people reading this hehe

6th Mar, 2007



Well isn't this nice, i've changed the background, cant blame me for the  other one it was like half 11 at night, gees anyway i'm sitting here at work contemplating what to do with my stories as i've not updated them in ages and also of writing a Law and Order Criminal Intent per request of my sister and thats all really on saturday i went to my best friends birthday dinner at the gateway hotel, it was nice i had gammon woo!!! lol well thats it really i should really find some people to read this.

cya xxx

3rd Mar, 2007


Let's Begin

Hmm I'm Writing this very late when i probably should be in bed, lol. and i think the only reason i'm awake is because of the coffee i had earlier, at the mo the only person that may read this is my sister Wendy who LOVES criminal intent especially if it is Mike/Alex,  lol i promised i'd mention it and put a link to her stories but i think it would be easier to put a link to her profile which i shall...

http://www.fanfiction.net/u/779702/   hopefully that worked lol, but you know i don't think its fair that i'm putting a link to her fiction and not my own lol so here it is peeps well i hope it will be more then one person soon,


ok thats all for now cyas

Shadow xxx